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Everything is a popular search utility tool for Windows. It uses fast indexing features to display folders and files. It’s worth mentioning that Everything is known for fast initial indexing, which takes about one minute to complete. According to the developers, indexing a new Windows 10 installer takes less than one second to complete. Unlike Windows Search Function, Everything displays folders and files matching the user’s input. As such, you can use multiple filters for advanced searches that give accurate results. Easy-to-use and fast search function! Everything is one of the most useful Windows PC tools, which bypasses the built-in search function to give results. With a simple and clean interface, the software displays real-time results for all folders and files in the local storage. Additionally, the program searches for subsections, giving you a detailed list. While Everything doesn’t perform other functions beyond searches, it’s preferred due to effectiveness, stability, and efficiency. Unlike Wise JetSearch and Duplicate Media Finder, Everything is a lightweight tool that doesn’t slow down your system.

Technical Specs

Size1.59 MB
Operating SystemWindows
Owner LinkEverything
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License freeWare
Languages multiple languages