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Easily update all your software. UCheck is an incredibly useful tool can update all your programs with just a couple of clicks. With this app, you won't have to search the web for a new version of outdated software, or check if your installed programs are up to date. Ucheck can do all that in just a few seconds. UCheck's home screen shows a list of programs installed on your PC. After a brief scan, this tool will display how many programs you have installed, and how many have a new version available. Simply click on the notification to view a list of programs with available updates, and you can start downloading all of them with a single click. Once they are downloaded, simply click again to install them. Another great feature of Ucheck is it clearly shows what version of each program is installed on your computer, and the newest version available. This makes it easy to check that all your programs have been updated correctly, and lets you avoid any unwanted versions. Not only that, but Ucheck also shows the when the program was last updated, and the size of any files to be downloaded. UCheck is a great way to keep your PC updated -without having to search the web for the latest versions of your software. It's a quick and easy way to keep all your important programs updated just a click.

Technical Specs

Size27.62 MB
Operating SystemWindows
Owner LinkAdlice Software
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License freeWare
Languages multiple languages