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Safe, fast, easy and free, the perfect email client. Thunderbird is a powerful tool to manage your email. This program focuses on spam, ad and virus protection, thus improving your account's security and troubleshooting security issues common in other well-known mail clients. Some advantages of using Thunderbird as your email client are related to security: the tool uses smart spam filters to prevent spam and ad scams. Thunderbird is an agile and quick tool that supports IMAP and POP protocols, HTML mail format, tags, quick searches, address books, return receipt, advance email filters, filling LDAP addresses, import tools, powerful searches, news, and the possibility of managing more than one email account. Aside from updating its interface, the latest Thunderbird versions allow you to group email messages using tags, search within the email's body text, scroll through messages using the forward and rewind controls, access an advanced view of the folders, etc.

Technical Specs

Size53.73 MB
Operating SystemWindows
Owner LinkMozilla
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License freeWare
Languages multiple languages