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Opera is a free web browser and web browser and Internet software with more than 300 million users, developed by the Opera software company. This browser is used for general internet usage such as displaying websites, receiving and sending e-mails, managing communications, online IRC chat, uploading via BitTorrent protocol and reading web feeds. Opera is available for free on PCs, mobile phones and tablets. Opera's main components include tabbed browsing, pinch and zoom features, a variety of mouse pointer shapes, and an integrated loading management section. In terms of security, Opera has an internal protection against phishing attacks and malware programs such as worms or computer Trojan horses, and it also has the ability to maintain security while browsing websites and delete personal information such as site cookies. Opera can be run on a variety of operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris. Although the features of the Opera browser are relatively more than Firefox and it is also known as the fastest web browser, but this browser has only a small fraction of the computer browser market, although Opera is a more powerful market in the field of mobile devices such as mobile phones, smartphones and digital assistants. Someone has it. Opera can be used for devices running Symbian or Windows Mobile. Nearly 40 million mobile devices have Opera software. Also, Opera is the only browser that can be used on Nintendo DS and V game consoles. Opera is known as the most popular web browser in some countries such as Ukraine.

Technical Specs

Size2.555 MB
Operating SystemWindows
Owner LinkOpera
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License freeWare
Languages multiple languages